Welcome Rum Drinkers!

I have tried blogging before and much like my career choices, I lose interest and wonder why I can’t be passionate about something; anything! I will take up a hobby only to forget about it or tell myself, maybe when I have time. My hobbies are left to die because I would much rather run off to a rum tasting, a happy hour, or a party (where rum flows in abundance). In recent conversations it has come to my attention that I know quite a bit about rum or in the least, I hold a good conversation about rum. I’m not an expert because I would otherwise apply for a position as a rum maker’s master blender. Unfortunately, nobody ever told me learning chemistry could lead to a job in booze. That’s not a bad thing. As someone who loves good rums, I have already become spoiled to the point where a well rum just won’t do. I can’t fathom how picky I would be if I were a master blender although I’m still envious.

All in all, I hope to make non-rum lovers better rum drinkers, aficionados or even experts more knowledgeable to rums they have never tried (it happens), give readers a heads up on events that are rum-focused (I may ask for some assistance for events happening outside of South Florida), and hopefully provide some background and history when at all possible.

I don’t want to be snobbish in my reviews as I believe rum can be enjoyed in so many different ways. I will say I’m not a fan of most well rums or those typically stocked in a small bar. I seek rums with greater complexity and I’m happy to see rum’s popularity is growing with more small batch options.

Oh, I’m also a huge fan of drinking in places where the music is fitting to rum drinking (more about that later). I know there are a lot of drinking blogs out there and while some are more of a directory and others a place to learn about the art of mixology, I hope to create something a little different and be more active in the rum community. Alright, let’s get to drinking and please do it responsibly!

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