Stolen Rum

No, I’m not reporting about a robbery although trust me, if someone stole my rum, I would definitely write a post about it. Last week, Bar Stache 1920’s Drinking Den featured Stolen Rum as part of their Summer of Rum Vinyl Series. Stache is where Mount Gay Rum held their rum tasting and I felt welcome enough that I wanted to see what else they had to offer.

Last week featured Stolen Spirits Smoked Rum, the child of Jamie Duff and Roger Holmes. Their website states that they wanted to create a product that brings the feeling of East End London, reflects rock and punk music, and, “was anti-establishment and pro-personal, creative freedom.” Their website shows a lineup of various rums but here in the United States, we are limited to their Smoked Rum. For a small brand, it’s understandable to introduce a product that stands out from the other offerings. How often does one come across a smoked rum that is not the creation of a bartender?

South Florida’s dealer for Stolen Spirits is Justin Davenport was on site to answer questions about the rum, or maybe I just caught him early on. He explained that this smoked rum is distilled in Trinidad and Tobago and aged (approx. 2 years) in whiskey barrels. According to their website, the smoking process comes from American Hardwood, and if you’re a fan of the notes of coffee and vanilla, Stolen Rum is worth a shot (or two). If you’re usually a whiskey drinker that isn’t huge on rum (but not opposed to it), you might find some pleasure with this rum. I wouldn’t replace my usuals with this rum but I could see this having a place like the many craft beers that we want to try when we want something different. I’m reminded of a spiced rum with this one and I would be interested to try this with maybe Gosling’s Ginger Beer. The packaging stands out and if you are going to a dinner party or house party, I would think this would be a good conversation piece. I now need one for my own collection.

For more information, check out at Stolen Rum’s Smoked Rum.

To see Bar Stache’s lineup of events, head over to Bar Stache.


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