Happy National Rum Day!

Ah man. This should be a bank holiday but since I have a flexible schedule, I am sort of celebrating most of the day. Anyone who knows me well has been wishing me well and tagging me in all of the National Rum Day pictures which really touches my heart. I would have appreciated a few bottles sent my way but I’m guessing since I always have a bottle to crack open, they assume I’m OK when it comes to the grog. I understand. I will always accept rum though because one can never have too much.

So while I have a stock of rum here, I didn’t have any white rum. Luckily I live in a state where the Total Wine store offers an aisle full of rum. Seriously, it’s a pretty great selection for premium rums that are in the $100 and below range although you will find a variety of the more aged options and given the brand selection, I’m pretty sure they can order the specialty rums once they are available to the United States. I wanted to make a punch of sorts and opted for the Plantation 3 Star Rum. Full disclosure, I’m pretty tipsy right now and I can’t give a full review aside from it went real nice in my rumberry punch. I did a heavy pour, added some fresh key lime juice, put in a berry simple syrup that I threw together, and topped it with some aromatic bitters (I used The Bitter Truth Bitters).

I have some other rums to discuss this week so I’ll come back to the Plantation rum with something of greater substance. That said, I hope everyone had a great National Rum Day and please let me know what you drank! *hiccup*

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