I’m sorry…

I don’t know if my writing is ever missed but I know I should hold myself accountable to keep up this site if only for the reason that I pay the bill. I tend to throw myself into my job because that’s what makes me happy. Some people have a responsibility to their families and while I have pets that I adore, I enjoy work.

Recently, Hurricane Irma did a great job at providing me perspective on what should be most important and for now, that is me. I worked in what some might call a hostile work environment. I don’t think my colleagues quite saw it that way but then, if one adds up off color jokes, no HR department, and no consistent management, I’m reminded of Leviathan and the need of a social contract. Without getting into detail, I left with a feeling of relief and for that I am grateful; not everyone has the flexibility to leave when responsibilities supersede happiness.

I am also sorry for anyone directly impacted by the recent hurricanes. I was inconvenienced but I have a home, the electricity came back, and my surrounding area was only lightly impacted. To think others have lost everything and the lengthy rebuilding process that is sure to test patience saddens me. The resilience of the Caribbean has always been high and while I know they will pull through in ways I don’t think I could, I hope that efforts to assist and rebuild will continue long after the headlines disappear. Bacardi has pledged $3 million and I’m happy to see numerous fundraisers all over that make donating easy. Yesterday I attended one in Broward County, Florida and the response was amazing. Keep it up everyone!

While I don’t like to turn any post into a bitch session, I would like to give a special shout out to a less-than-fun-rum-person. I met him earlier in the year at a rum event and thought despite our political differences, that a shared interest would make him a decent person to keep in touch with. Well, to my chagrin that I would engage in any debate on social media, I allowed this person to get under my skin. Sir, if you feel the need to insult someone based on their beliefs, desires, and education, then I’m sorry for you. I don’t need to work a boring day job, and for that I can forever be thankful. I’m sorry you see diversity as a challenge or patriotism as something that can only be expressed in the way you see fit. When you stick up for someone who clearly shows disrespect for minorities and yet you see no examples of such, then you either live under a rock, turn the other way when people unlike you are treated unfairly, or you are just as guilty. Thinking how you immediately went to insult me, I see how little you think of those that disagree with you politically so much that perhaps you think they are idiots. Maybe you’re envious of anyone that has options such as the NFL players you seemed to be so pissed off about. Well whatever it is that makes you so hard-pressed to insult others because they don’t see everything as you do, I’m sorry that you will have plenty more to be pissed off at over the coming years. Much how I feel about other assholes like yourself, it must suck to live in a world where what you say and believe receives such little respect unless they too are as narrow-minded as yourself.

On a much brighter note, Miami Carnival is coming and there is a lot of rum to be consumed. I’m not sure which fetes I’ll attend but friends, soca, and rum is all I need. When I was in Barbados this summer for Crop Over, the song below became one of my favorite drinking tunes. Enjoy!


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