Why rum? Rum holds a special place in my heart (hopefully none too serious medically) and friends have said that I would probably bleed rum if I were hooked up to an IV. As someone who enjoys traveling, there are so many fond memories (and blurs) that are associated with rum. I can order a cocktail or drink it neat. I don’t generally drink my rum with more than a simple chaser unless I’m at brunch or at a place that specializes in mixology with fresh ingredients. I wanted to create a site for those unfamiliar with the wide-range of rums and enthusiasts alike.

Some more facts about me:

  • I’m American and have lived in a number of places thanks to a military parent.
  • I love traveling and learning about cultures. In other words, no resorts for me.
  • I also love good tequilas.
  • If I could have one dinner for the rest of my life it would be tacos. Seriously.
  • If I was musically inclined, I would probably be a singer or musician. I love music!
  • 4 word sentences that scares me most? The rum is gone. There is no rum.
  • I love the beach but hate sand.
  • I can’t whistle.
  • I’m fun.

You’re welcome to reach me on my contact page or email me at rummy@allineedisrum.com.

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