A plethora of rum…Part 1

Recently I stopped by the home of a young rum couple that has amassed quite the rum collection. Indeed, the organizers of Miami’s own Rum Festival are actually a family of a massive collection of rum. On this evening, I was overwhelmed with the choices and I was happy that Mr. Rob’s Rum Guide himself, Rum…

Mount Gay Rum Origin Series (Part 2)

As mentioned in a previous post, the Mount Gay Origin Series Volume 1 focused on two different cask finishes: a virgin cask and charred one. My focus this time is the charred rum. I really wish this series was not such a limited run simply because I have really enjoyed both bottles.

Cheers to the weekend!

This weekend is the final leg into Barbados’ Crop Over festival. Differently from Trinidad’s Carnival which is a pre-Lenten celebration, Crop Over holds its roots in history where slaves would celebrate the end of working the sugar cane fields as the “crop was over.”