Mount Gay 1703 Master Select

What? Another Mount Gay Rum post? With a rather humdrum start to the year, things are looking up and to make an already great week even better, I received a sample of Mount Gay’s most recent release: 1703 Master Select. I was twice gifted bottles of Mount Gay 1703 by friends in Barbados so to receive…

Tour Time: Mount Gay Rum Distillery

It has probably become apparent to you readers and drinkers that I love Barbados. It is an island with such a fascinating history and as it happens, they are home to the oldest rum in the world: Mount Gay Rum. This would be a coincidence that I knew I loved Barbados before finding out this…

Mount Gay XO Cask Strength Rum

Soooo, a few months ago I begged made a request that if anyone at Mount Gay was reading, I wanted to try their new limited edition rum that I knew was releasing for Barbados Independence. I didn’t know the details at that time but when one hears limited edition and missed out on the 300…

Happy Rumday (AKA Friday)

Rum people truly as fun people and in this post-election time of the year where feelings and fears are so strong, it’s nice to come across people that share a common interest. Life can be short and to be able to look beyond our world’s problems and share a smile with the clinking of glasses (or tapping of plastic cups) can help at least for an evening, embracing our commonalities and understanding peace, love, and rum always feels better. Cheers.

The Barbados Rum Shop

I pondered on writing about an actual rum but I never wanted this rum blog to be only one of reviews; as previously mentioned, I am not an expert. Over time, I’m sure my journey to be among the more respected connosseurs will make my posts of the more detailed variety. What I hope, however,…

Extra! Extra! – Mount Gay Event: Art of Crafting

Hey there South Floridian rum enthusiasts. For a special afternoon, Mount Gay Rum has 15 exclusive spots (maybe less as I am not sitting this one out at all) for their Art of Crafting event. This is not a rum tasting per se. If you are a true enthusiast, mixologist, or deem yourself worthy of…

Pink Pigeon & Chai Rum

So work has been a little stressful but rum has been consumed! I just haven’t had the chance to get around to posting which saddens me. Last week I met up with a friend and went all in with rum. The first drink was Pink Pigeon, a Mauritian rum; Mauritius is in the Indian Ocean and…

Mount Gay Rum Origin Series (Part 2)

As mentioned in a previous post, the Mount Gay Origin Series Volume 1 focused on two different cask finishes: a virgin cask and charred one. My focus this time is the charred rum. I really wish this series was not such a limited run simply because I have really enjoyed both bottles.

T.G.I.R.F (Thank goodness it’s rum Friday)

Last night I attended a rum sampling event held by Brugal Rum. I’ve been indifferent to Brugal over the years; I don’t ask for it but if given the option of well, Bacardi/Myer’s, or Brugal, I always say Brugal. I have never associated any sort of prestige to the brand but then, there has to be something to it for it to be the #1 brand across the Caribbean, right? Wait, what?

Mount Gay Mauby Rum

Mount Gay’s Mauby Rum is not widely available but since this is the festival season, I was lucky enough to land a bottle on a friend’s return. Before getting into the rum itself, one should know a little about what mauby is. It’s a common drink in the Caribbean and how it’s made will vary based on preference; fermented or not, from scratch or concentrate, fizzy or still.

St. George Agricole Rum

As my previous post mentioned, this weekend is the final stretch of the 2016 Barbados Crop Over season. I thought I would stick with Mount Gay Rum but seeing that I wasn’t on rushed time, I decided to sample a couple other rums. St. George Agricole Rum was one of those as the bottle was pretty and I was intrigued as they also make an absinthe; absinthe intrigues me but only on occasions where I can find a brave soul/victim to agree to a glass. Agricole rum simply put is the style of rum which uses sugar cane juice as opposed to molasses.

Cheers to the weekend!

This weekend is the final leg into Barbados’ Crop Over festival. Differently from Trinidad’s Carnival which is a pre-Lenten celebration, Crop Over holds its roots in history where slaves would celebrate the end of working the sugar cane fields as the “crop was over.”