SoLa Food, Wine, & Rum Festival

Are there certain words, phrases, or pictures that capture your attention almost instantaneously? When I scroll through my social media, I’m usually drawn to anything with pets, the Caribbean, and of course, rum. Recently, I was pleasantly surprised to see an upcoming festival that is not too far away from me and more importantly, where I can…

Stolen Rum

No, I’m not reporting about a robbery although trust me, if someone stole my rum, I would definitely write a post about it. Last week, Bar Stache 1920’s Drinking Den featured Stolen Rum as part of their Summer of Rum Vinyl Series. Stache is where Mount Gay Rum held their rum tasting and I felt welcome enough that I wanted to see what else they had to offer.

Welcome Rum Drinkers!

I have tried blogging before and much like my career choices, I lose interest and wonder why I can’t be passionate about something; anything! I will take up a hobby only to forget about it or tell myself, maybe when I have time. My hobbies are left to die because I would much rather run off to a rum tasting, a happy hour, or a party (where rum flows in abundance).