It’s been a minute…

Between the recent happenings here in South Florida, I have been bad at keeping up with my postings. I had visitors both welcome and not (Hurricane Matthew is still lingering around in the Atlantic after more than 2 weeks). Miami Carnival just passed and work has been busy (a good thing). That said, I have also been working on some new stuff for All I Need is Rum, and I’m proud to present to you, new branding! I’m pretty excited about it as I wanted to have a design created that was both fun and wearable. A special thank you to Huja Clothing Company for the design and my recent batch of t-shirts. I’ll make personalized ones available for purchase at a later date.


I have quite a few bottles to check out but as I mentioned, things have been hectic. That’s not to say rum drinking hasn’t been happening. For Miami Carnival, I was invited by my friends at Mount Gay to come enjoy the festivities with them and indulge a bit with rum punch, and plenty samplings of Black Barrel and XO. I am usually disappointed in the rum offerings during the carnival season here in Miami so I was glad to see Mount Gay’s presence which I found unexpected. The standard presence of Bacardi Superior or Appleton Special neither excites me or entices me to order as I am spoiled. To have something that is both familiar and reminiscent of my visits to Crop Over put a smile on my face. To top it off, the carnival itself was a lot of fun and while I’m not much of a costume-type reveler, I can assure you I am no slouch when it comes to partying.

In the coming week I will be attending a tasting event held by Robin & Robert Burr, the ultimate rum folks over at Rob’s Rum Guide. While I’ve had Ron Abuelo before on a previous trip to Panama, this will be quite the treat as I get to sample the XO Cask Finish collection. I think this will be a great event considering I still have the Foursquare Zinfandel and Port Cask Finish rums to drink. While I love my rum, I am not one to imbibe alone, so I have to invite fellow drinkers that can appreciate something that isn’t found at the local bar. The insight I am sure to get at this event is greatly appreciated and I’m excited.

I’ll leave you with this rum drinking song by Barbados’ King Bubba appropriate titled, “Who Drinking Rum.” I know I have a lot of rum to cover and now that things are back to normal, I’m excited to bring you more content. Until next week, and like King Bubba says, “Who drinking rum? I’m drinking.”





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  1. Sly says:

    I am so glad I found your website. I was recently introduced to rum after a lovely trip to Barbados (I say recently because now am like WTF is Bacardi). Can’t wait to see your next posts. Good vibes from England.

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    1. Sorry for the delayed response Sly. Your message brightened my day and encouraged me to do another post. It should be up by evening. Cheers!


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