Mount Gay Rum Origin Series (Part 2)

I’ve been busier this week with the day job – the one that supports this rum hobby of mine – but I am pretty excited about getting back into posting. I’ve also been watching the Olympics and judging races, routines, and plays as if I were someone that actually played any of the sports; I haven’t. As mentioned in a previous post, the Mount Gay Origin Series Volume 1 focused on small batch rums with two different cask finishes: a virgin cask and charred one. My focus this time is the charred rum. I really wish this series was not such a limited run simply because I have really enjoyed both bottles. I’m hopeful that the second Origin Series (copper pot still vs column) will make its way to my liquor cabinet.

Like any of their products, the Mount Gay Charred Cask  Rum has a familiarity to the entire brand. If you’ve had an opportunity to taste the Black Barrel version which also uses charred barrels, this special option uses a charred cask that was seasoned with aging whiskey (versus bourbon on the Black Barrel). You will find more caramel notes and it has a smoother finish that makes it a nice option on its own or with very little mixing. On my first try, I had mine over a cube of ice as I had nothing to add to it except ginger ale which I didn’t want to use for such a limited release. It was easy to drink without the slight burn I would get from Black Barrel. My second glass I tried with the suggested orange peel which if you’re a fan of a rum old fashioned, adds in just a light (but right) touch of citrus that goes well with the caramel flavor. I’m quite fond of this special blend and like the virgin cask, wish the bottles were bigger. I suppose I should be grateful that the box caught my eye in the few moments I had before catching my flight, so let me not complain. It’s just that it’s such a nice mellow option that after a day’s work, this one adds in just enough of the charred flavor with a sweetness that you might feel like you’ve been rewarded. At least, that’s what I feel like but I’m not about to drink the whole bottle just yet. I’m supposed to at least share one or two glasses albeit small ones.

I know people that love rum as much as I do will offer suggestions to other rums but Barbados rums always seem to reign supreme to me because in my many visits to the island, there is such an awesome connection to the many rum shops and well, rum drinking. Unbeknownst to me years ago when I first went on the Mount Gay Rum tour, it is likely that the beginnings of the Origin Series began. These things take time and I’m happy to see these new blends. I’m excited to see any brand striving to see how they can perfect an already-great rum. It’s also nice that while the price tag may be more than your typical liter of the Mount Gay XO, it’s affordable enough that you don’t feel you need to save it all for a special occasion. Personally, I am open to sharing with the closest of friends but you can best believe, I’m not leaving it at a barbecue to be made into Cuba Libres, frozen daiquiris, or mojitos. Oh, and while you may need to head down to Barbados to snag one of these sets, traveling to Barbados is pretty fantastic.

Since it’s the weekend, here are a couple tunes to get you in a drinking mood (as if any of you rum readers need help). Still, if you didn’t know there were so many rum songs, well hopefully you’re enjoying these curated picks.

Gorg – My Rum

“My woman left me (2x), she really horn me, she really left me, wooooah, but I got my rum.”

Hunter – Bring It (Rum in the Morning)

You could bring it in a bottle, you could bring it in a flask, you could bring it in a cup, you could sell it in a glass, I want me rum in the morning, I want me rum in the evening.”



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